Heavy Metal Babes New Hentai Game

Heavy Metal Babes Play New Hentai Nutaku Game!

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In the future, XEN units are used to explore worlds where humans have never set foot before. They are clones of genetically improved girls with the unique ability to synchronize and control powerful robots.

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But recently, Earth has lost communication with one of its colonies: a planet called X-69, inhabited exclusively by XEN units. They decide to send a worldwide recognized commander (especially among women) to check what’s going on. Suddenly, the commander’s ship is attacked while entering the orbit of planet X-69.
It’s time to take action!

New hentai game free to play on any platform Desktop/Android Heavy Metal Babes – Build your team and defeat enemies in PVP.

• 21 Girls and +140 H-Scenes
Unlock hot animations with all of your sexy companions!
Create your dream Harem with the most beautiful girls in the galaxy!

• Group Sex H-Scenes
Incredible group H-scenes where you will see your girls having a lot of FUN!
Engage in spicy chats with all of your girls…AT THE SAME TIME!
Collect all of their naughty photos and unleash your wildest fantasies!

• Amazing Story line
A free sex game with a sizzling story and lots of adventure, action and…SEX.
Travel through space with a ship full of HOT girls dying to get your attention!

• Chat with girls and make them yours
What better thing to do on a lonely planet than sexting and fucking?
Choose your words wisely and make your girls wet!

• +40 Erotic animated scenes
These hentai sex scenes are all you need to have the best of time!
High-quality animations with lots of sexy girls that just want to show how you HORNY they are!
Unlock crazy scenes beyond your wildest dreams!

• Challenge other players
Compete against other players and prove that your girls are the strongest and the sexiest!
Show that you are the best commander by training your sex partners and making it to the top of the league!

• Powerful abilities
Build your dream team and defeat all the enemies standing in your way!
Make your girls go wild and unleash powerful attacks!
Create the best team and put your horny girls to the task!

• XEN Labs Challenge
Fight your way through increasingly difficult challenges.
Satisfy your girls and reach the top to claim your prizes!

Discover and explore a whole new world in this hentai porn game, available on browser or mobile!

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Card Game PeroPero Seduction

Play Card Game – PeroPero Seduction

Card Game

About PeroPero Seduction

Join thousands of players from around the world in the ultimate card-battle sexual adventure!

Seduction: the power to unlock the suppressed desires of even the most strong-willed women. A master Seducer is on the prowl in Tokyo, breaking minds and turning his targets into unwitting pawns. You’ve been enlisted by the ingénue Airu to end his reign of lust… or potentially take his place! Hone your skills and face-off against other wielders of Seduction as you sleep your way to the centers of power, unlocking the perverse desires of secretaries, scientists, politicians, and more…



Key Features

Publisher: SuperHippo

Explore the world for new mind-bending seduction methods. Unite all of your companions into a cum hungry harem set to dethrone your opponents from their reign of sexual supremacy.

Using in-game currency and Nutaku gold, play the Gacha to acquire new companions to aid in your quest. Gacha is a lottery system where you try your luck to acquire new companions and strengthen old ones. Combine companion cards to power up your companions and reveal their darkest desires.

You may purchase items in the store to ease your progression through the world of Pero Pero Seduction. Items can provide bonuses such as immediate refilling of Stamina or Sexual energy, as well as various other cheats for quickly becoming a more seasoned sexual adventurer.

Every month we will be hosting new contests, special events and sales. Pero Pero will be adding plenty of exciting new companions and gameplay features, some of which will only last for a limited time, so be sure to keep signing into Nutaku and checking out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more info!

*Please see the Help tab for further explanations of Gameplay mechanics.

Labels: Big Tits, Fantasy, Adventure, Cartoon Sex, Hentai Games, Flash Games, Anime, Milf, Interactive.

System Requirements

– Windows Vista/Windows7/Windows8 + Internet Explorer 8 or better
– Mac OS 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) or better + Firefox15.0.1 or better/Google Chrome ver.22 or better

NOTE: Please enable JavaScript.
NOTE: Operation under the above-mentioned conditions has been confirmed, however regarding operations such as billing function and such under other environments,
there is a possibility that the game might not work properly. We ask in advance for your understanding.

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Nutaku Pussy Saga Hentai Adventure

Play Nutaku Pussy Saga Hentai Avdenture Game for Adults!

Action-Adventure Adult (18+) Hentai

About Pussy Saga

Live out your kinkiest sexual fantasies as you get to know the sluts of this city!

Meet bitches, take them on dates, and bring their holes to ecstasy! In return they will reveal to you their most cherished and intimate desires. You will immerse in the fantasy world of every broad and learn all of her secrets.

Young tight holes and loose bucket-like pussies, smart chicks and dumb bitches, small raisins and super-sized cans – all this and more awaits you in this incredible game. Pussy Saga is more than just erotica, but the most sophisicated porn game you’ve ever seen!



Key Features

Developer: OnMedia
Publisher: OnMedia

Big tits, small tits, young holes, loose holes, proper ladies, dirty whores, fetishes, fantastic sex, lots of content, rich plot, Hentai, Anime, Cartoon Sex, Switch and match your through kinkiest sexual fantasies.

System Requirements

A mouse and an open mind!


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